November 19, 2013

Ideas for a hypermedia framework

(tl;dr) Watch this presentation video, this document describes a derivative of the presented architecture.

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September 1, 2013

Java EL in CDI without JSF

In my current project I want to evaluate Unified EL expressions manually. The CDI container and managed beans should be included in expression valuation: When #{myManagedBean.someProperty} is evaluated, the named bean myManagedBean should be looked up in CDI contexts, then its getSomeProperty() method is called. This is what you have probably used before with JSF but it's not that easy to enable without a Java EE container, for example, when you want to run Weld standalone. (Worth noting that although the Solder project provided this functionality, it now doesn't work out of the box with CDI 1.1 and Weld 2 anymore.)

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August 31, 2013

Accessing request details with JAX-RS and CDI

Now that Seam/Solder is dead, and doesn't work with CDI 1.1, and Deltaspike seems to be stuck in some fantasy world where "repository patterns" are important, even trivial things with JAX-RS and CDI are surprisingly difficult.

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January 4, 2013

First alpha of Cling 2.0 available

After one year of no updates, the first cut of the next major version of Java's top UPnP/DLNA library, Cling, is now available. You can download the ZIP or use 2.0-alpha1 in your Maven build.

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November 7, 2012

Hypermedia with XHTML

XHTML has been one of my favorite text file formats for the last five years. This website uses it internally, try the same HTTP request with an .xhtml extension. I'm currently writing a book in my IDE in XHTML. All my Java unit tests have XHTML Javadoc, and I create my software manuals from and with XHTML. Even presentation slides I write in XHTML, with a simple 20 line Javascript player.

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